Instant Beer Review: HopSconsin


HIT ME. What?

HIT ME WITH WHAT YOU’RE DRINKING, BRO. Please don’t call me ‘bro.’ And I’m drinking the HopSconsin Imperial Red Ale at the downtown Great Dane location.


IS THAT GOING TO POSE A PROBLEM? I don’t know. I’m not aware of the legal ramifications of such redundancies. I do know that, according to the bartender-lady, today is the first day the Great Dane red ale is available. Perhaps they will re-christen their beer with a new name.

ARE YOU WATCHING THE MASTERS*? Duh. Freddie had an incredible round. He’s -5. Freddie’s my favorite.

RORY? -4. He’s my second favorite, the feckin’ Irishman.

TIGER? I’m over Tiger. Let’s talk about beer.

OH YEAH! HOW IS IT? THE BEER, I MEAN. It’s really good! It’s a big, hoppy, in-your-face ale that packs a punch without causing major taste bud trauma. The 9.2% ABV is evident in the boozy finish, but it doesn’t detract from the flavor. If you are familiar with O’so Brewing’s Dank, you will find this to be very similar in its profile.

DEEP THOUGHTS? I must admit, I’ve never personally been too particularly wild about the Great Dane’s beer–there’s nothing wrong with it, it is just kind of…meh. The HopSconsin, however, is most certainly a stand out, and it would be awesome if the Dane continued along the trend of big, risky beer in some of their upcoming releases. If nothing else, because it’s what I like to drink. And it’s important to cater to me.

* This was written at 3:00 on Friday, April 6. The scores and standings will have changed by the time the review is published.