Instant Beer Review: Imperator Black IPA


HOLA, AMIGO. Hola. How the hell are you?

ESTOY BIEN. ¿Y TÚ? Um, I’m good? I’m drinking beer!

YAY! Yay, indeed. Today’s beer of choice is the Imperator Black IPA from Abita Brewing out of the fine state of Louisiana.

Abita Imperator is a robust, black IPA brewed with pale, caramel, chocolate and black malts. It commands your attention with an intense hop flavor and aroma provided by Apollo, Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops.

WHOA. THAT’S A MOUTHFUL. In more ways than one. The beer has a big flavor, but it’s spread evenly so that no single aspect smacks your taste buds too hard across the face.

I GUESS THAT IS A GOOD THING. It is. Imperator possesses a generous 8% ABV, and while it could be described as robust, the flavors are balanced and complimentary of one another.

BLESSED HARMONY. You got it. What a metaphor?

YOU WOULD RECOMMEND THIS BEER, T/F? True. I would, however I would caution apprehensive beer drinkers to have a sample before diving into a full pint because, while the flavors play nicely with each other, Imperator is a long way from a safe bet in terms of profile.


WHERE IS THIS BEER AVAILABLE, SIR? Right now, it’s on tap at Alchemy for $4.00 for a glass. They must’ve been doing an Abita promo for Craft Beer Week because there’s a big Abita presence on the tap line currently. No way of knowing how long it’ll be around.

WAIT–DID YOU JUST TAKE A SHOT?! Yessir. I most certainly did. Of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

AT THIS TIME OF DAY?? The girl to my left works at Dexter’s, and we’ve been commiserating about what a fucking pain Craft Beer Week is. We mutually decided a shot was appropriate, considering we both have to deal with CBW this evening at our respective places of employment*.

SOUNDS LIKE A HEALTHY MANNER IN WHICH TO COPE WITH STRESS. Oh my god, go back to your tower, McJudgy.

* Truth be told, I do not have much to do with CBW tonight, but I will rarely refuse the opportunity to buy a shot for a pretty girl. #iamadouchebag #sorrynotsorry