Instant Beer Review: Karbach Barn Burner

From the OverServed Vacation Desk:


WHERE YOU AT? I have found my way to the delightful Onion Creek in the Heights neighborhood of H-Town.

STILL IN HOUSTON, THEN? Indeed, but I go home today. I’m just killing some time before my date with George Bush.

THE 41st PRESIDENT INFAMOUS FOR VOMITING ON THE PRIME MINISTER OF JAPAN IN 1992? Fortunately, no. The airport is named after him.

OH. THAT’S FINE THEN. WHADDYA GOT? I have a Karbach Brewing Barn Burner.

DO TELL. According to the internets, Karbach was founded in 2011, but is experiencing rapid growth in production and popularity.

AND THIS PARTICULAR BEER IS…? Barn Burner is a saison, but it is spiced like a wit, so I’m happy.

SPICED LIKE A WIT, EH? The citrus really pops in this one, and the esters from the Belgian yeast bring a lot of clove and a couple circus peanuts to the party.

CIRCUS PEANUTS? I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT. As one of the few adults that still loves circus peanuts, I’m okay with that.

SO THINGS ARE PRETTY SWELL FOR YOU. Hey, it’s 78 and sunny, and I’m drinking outside. Life could be much worse.

DEEP THOUGHTS: I wish I would have found this place earlier. The burgers look fantastic, the taplist is very focused on local beer, and the tunes on the patio are pretty sweet.

[Thanks to Matt, who also enjoys butter mints and candy corn.]