Instant Beer Review: Karben4 Tokyo Sauna

¿COMO ESTÁS? Uh. I’m good.

IT’S FRIDAY! It is! Which means I’ve spent the afternoon sorting my life out, and now I’m rewarding myself with a beer before work.

A BEER BEFORE WORK! I live dangerously, what can I say.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN FRONT OF YOU TODAY? I’m glad you asked. Right now, I’m drinking a Nitro Tokyo Sauna from Madison’s own Karben4 Brewing Co. K4’s website provides the following description:

This pale ale features a refreshing résumé of bright citrus American hops harmonizing with a sugar cookie sweetness donated from Bohemian pilsner malt. The result is a crisp, glass-smooth ale worth repeating.

MMMKAY…. AND DO YOU CONCUR WITH THE AFOREMENTIONED STATEMENT? I do. Really, it’s a pretty straightforward session pale ale, without any metaphorical whistles and bells. The beer is evenly paced from start to finish, with the nitrogen nicely melding the hops and the malts into a tasty summertime beverage. The color kind of looks like what you would pee out of your urethra if you haven’t had a glass of water in a decade, but once you get past that, the beer is awesome.

WHERE DOES THIS STUFF COME FROM. It just glops out of my muddy brain.

YOU CAN’T HOLD THE PEE-COLOR AGAINST THE BEER. I just said the beer is awesome! Super smooth. Creamy, yet with a slight hop bite. I’d recommend it to any- and everyone.

WHERE ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS BEER? I went straight to the source on this one; I’m sitting at the bar of the Karben4 Brewery on Kinsman Blvd. in Madison (they’ve taken over the space Ale Asylum vacated when they moved to their new location) and watching some bullshit on the Cooking Channel. They’re making empañadas or something. I dunno.

WELL LOOK AT YOU. I know. So cultured. The TV is frickin’ huge. Like, so big.

ABV? Of the beer? A pretty tame 5.3%, sir.

PRICE? $4.25 a pint, or the pretty bartender tells me you could snag a growler to go for only $11. How about that, huh?

DEEP THOUGHTS? Karben4 is a brewery to watch, my friend. Their beers are popping up all over the place, their marketing is cool and hip (you know, for the kids), and their product is dependably good.

DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE BEER YOU ARE CURRENTLY SIPPING ON LOOKS LIKE DEHYDRATED URINE? Yes, despite that. Geez. They’re good. Try their stuff. Hopefully one of these days they’ll bottle some of their stuff so I can enjoy it while at home and binging on Netflix in my underpants.

OR YOUR BATMAN ONESIE PAJAMAS? In an ideal world, Voice Inside My Head. In an ideal world. One step at a time, my friend.