Instant Beer Review: Kentucky Common

THE BEER: Kentucky Common

WHERE: Hydro Street Brewing Company

WHERE’S THAT? Within the beautiful confines of Columbus, Wisconsin. It’s a relatively new brewpub (described as “family friendly” in a recent Wisconsin State Journal article).

WHAT IS IT? It’s meant to be a tip o’ the hat to Civil War era beers, or so I’m told. I think it’s a collaborative effort between Hydro Street and a local homebrewer. Or something like that.

HOW IS IT? Smooth and mild. Not particularly bitter. It’s an easy drinker. I had two.

WOW, YOU ONLY HAD TWO BEERS? I didn’t say that. I had a porter, too.

AND HOW WAS THAT? Pretty damned good. It had a great combination of roasty flavor and bitter hop flavor. The body was a bit thin, and I wouldn’t have blinked if you’d told me it was a Black IPA instead of a porter.

DEEP THOUGHTS:  I can’t say that I find myself in Columbus all that often, but this joint is worth a field trip. It’s a comfortable spot with a good number of interesting beers on tap. Check it out.