Instant Beer Review: Kenzinger from Philadelphia Brewing Co.


From the OverServed Roving Reporter Desk:

THE BEER: Kenzinger.

THE PLACE: Philadelphia Brewing Company.

THE HELL? I’m in Philly visiting some good friends who were kind enough to drive me here from Princeton.

HOW WOULD YOU RATE THE CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE? Overall, Philly reminds me of some non-gentrified parts of Chicago.

AND WHAT OF THE BEER? It’s a light, crisp beer made with German pilsner malts and American Noble hops, according to their website. The ABV rolls in at 4.5%.

HOW IS IT? Kenzinger is a fantastically solid beer. Light, easy-drinking, but with a great hop bite. It’s like a great Miller Lite. That’s not a knock.

I’M HAVING TROUBLE WITH THAT CONCEPT. I could drink it all day, but it still has a fantastic finish.

DEEP THOUGHTS: Philadelphia Brewing offers a swell tour, lots of free beer, and a killer juke box. If you find yourself in Philly on a Saturday, do drop in.

DEEPER THOUGHTS: They have a brick-lined brew kettle.


(Thanks to Matt, who has indeed been known to drink all day. It usually ends with him preparing a slump. Or a grunt. Or a pandowdy.)