Instant Beer Review: O’so Funky Lady


THE BEER: Funky Lady from O’so in lovely Plover, WI.

PLOVER, YOU SAY. I’m on my way to a party at my brother’s house. I needed something to take the edge off seeing my mother.

I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY. WHAT IS IT? It’s a variant of their Sweet Lady Stout aged on Brett.

I KNOW SOME BRETTS. I DON’T THINK I WANT TO BE AGED ON THEM. Brett is shorthand for brettanomyces, a yeast known for its funky and/or sour effect on beer.

AH, OF COURSE. HOW IS IT? It’s great. It’s like drinking a chocolate covered sour cherry with a little espresso on the side. Also, a little oak.

DEEP THOUGHTS: I would drink this all day if I had the opportunity. It’s dark and rich, but the acidity cuts the weight of the malt on the palate.

DEEPER THOUGHTS: One can currently purchase this only at the brewery, but the $4 price tag might make it worth the drive.

OH YEAH? Yeah. And if you buy a 6-pack of their beer, you get a 4-pack of Lupulin Maximus free. Get on it!

(Thanks once again to Matthew, who calls his mother quarterly.)