Instant Beer Review: Peruvian Morning

THE BEER: Peruvian Morning from Central Waters

WHERE? An undisclosed location that carefully hoards its supply.

SERIOUSLY? Yes. But I’ve also purchased bottles at liquor stores, so it can’t be that rare.

WHAT IS IT? Blackout juice.

SAY AGAIN? It’s actually a bourbon barrel-aged coffee Imperial stout.

HOLY DAMN. Yeah. RateBeer puts the ABV at 8%.

IS IT GOOD? It’s good, but it has a certain mess-you-up thing going on. That may be due to the  full body blended with the relatively high alcohol. Whatever the case, my nights don’t end well when I start with it.

HOW SO? Let’s just say I skipped a day this week. I blame the beer.

DEEP THOUGHTS: Man, you’re lucky to have thoughts at all after having a few of these.

Pic: Label design from Central Waters