Instant Beer Review: Pumpkin Disorderly


THE BEER: Pumpkin Disorderly from Vintage Brewing.

THE PLACE: The brewery’s sister location Vintage Spirits & Grill, a mere stone’s throw from the vast University of Wisconsin campus.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE? Impressing all tha ladieez with my fine duds.

HUH? I had to attend a meeting today that required me to dress like a professional. This is my “pretending to give a damn” outfit.

HOW VERY UNUSUAL. Agreed. I think I successfully pulled off the con, though. Someone even called me “sir” today.


SO YOU’RE ONE OF THESE PUMPKIN LEMMINGS, I SEE. Piss off. I have never once had a pumpkin spiced coffee, latte, tea, toddy, Twinkie, French fry, or whatever else they’re marketing these days. But I do like pumpkin beer, as I’ve noted before, and I stand by that.

FINE. SO WHAT EXACTLY IS IT? It’s described as an “abbey ale,”¬†so I’m presuming that it’s a Belgian style. I don’t think I’ve had a pumpkin Belgian before. Pumpkin ales, pumpkin porters, pumpkin lagers, sure. Never a pumpkin Belgian. The menu tells me that it comes in at 7% ABV.

HOW IS IT? Quite good, really. Nice pumpkin flavor without being¬†overly sweet, with a decent spice mix. It doesn’t have the punch-you-in-the-face pumpkin pie intensity of Southern Tier’s Pumking, but it does have a smooth drinkability. I would have another. In fact, I just did have another.

DEEP THOUGHTS: This is a fine beer that doesn’t lay on the pumpkinosity too thick. Hopefully I can cut myself off before I fall off my barstool and cancel out the air of faux professionalism I’ve somehow maintained for this brief span of time. I’m not optimistic, though.