Instant Beer Review: Saga IPA


THE BEER: Saga IPA from Summit Brewing Co.

THE PLACE: Dexter’s Pub, smack dab in the middle of Madison’s easily navigated and not-at-all inconvenient road construction.

THE TAGLINE: “Epic hop character, worthy of the gods.”

OH YEAH? So they say.

DO YOU CONCUR? I wouldn’t call it “epic.” It’s a perfectly serviceable IPA. I’d reserve the phrase “epic hop character” for something like Bell’s Hopslam or Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue. This is fine. Just fine. I’ll sit with it.

AND IN CANS, NO LESS. Yep. So convenient. This was included in a “mystery bucket.” Six beers for ten bucks. That’s value! Dexter’s must be trying to clean out the coolers.

HOW IS IT? Drinking straight from the can, I’m not getting much in the way of aroma. Hold on. I’ll pour some out.

AND? It smells like a beer. Mildly aromatic in terms of hops. Floral.

HOW ABOUT THE TASTE? It’s got your typical IPA bitterness, but it’s not terribly citrusy. In fact, it’s almost got an angry bitter thing going on. Does that make sense?

NO. Then it’s clearly doing its job. Here’s to alcohol.