Instant Beer Review: Scully


THE BEER: Goose Island’s Scully

WHERE? Dexter’s Pub, where at the moment they’ve turned a slew of the taps over to the good people at Goose Island.

WHAT IS IT? A white pepper strawberry saison.

SAY AGAIN? Why describe it like a sucker when I can just quote the brewer’s notes? “After a free rise fermentation with our Saison yeast strain, we add crushed white pepper, mashed fresh Michigan strawberries and local farmer’s market honey to create a dry, drinkable yet complex Saison variation.”

HOW IS IT? Pretty damned good. The strawberries come out in the aroma, but it’s not terribly sweet. It’s got that delightful farmhouse funk that comes with saisons. That’s a good thing. It comes in at 6.5% ABV.

HOW MUCH? At this particular event, $2.75/2.5 oz, $4.75/5 oz, $9.00/10 oz.

INTERESTING SIZES: I thought so too.

DEEP THOUGHTS: I’ve had some saisons that are just cloudy, funky light beers. This is far from it. It’s fruity and flavorful, and it’s difficult for me to resist another one.