Instant Beer Review: Serendipity


THE BEER: Red Eye Brewing’s Serendipity

WHERE? A release party at The Old Fashioned

WHAT IS IT? A double IPA

HOW IS IT? It’s pretty damned awesome. Solid citrusy hop flavor with a slightly sweet malt body. Exceedingly drinkable… which could prove dangerous, methinks.

HOW SO? Well, if the good people at Rate Beer are to be believed, we’re looking at 7.75% ABV. I can see myself drinking a lot of this. A lot.

SHOCKING. Hey, I don’t need your judgment.

WHATEVER, DRINKY. HOW MUCH? $4 for a pint.

DEEP THOUGHTS: This is just a solid, strong, smooth beer. It’s like… it’s like Connery-era Bond. Does that make any sense? If not, blame the aforementioned ABV. By the way, what’s the difference between a double IPA and an Imperial IPA? Anybody know?