Instant Beer Review: Short’s Snake Juice

THE BEER: Snake Juice from Short’s Brewing Company. 

SHORT’S, YOU SAY. Yes’m. After a series of mutterings about beer, an old chum asked me if I’d had anything from Short’s recently. I couldn’t recall if I had, thus this beer.

WHAT IS IT? A coffee IPA, apparently. 

THE HELL, YOU SAY. It’s true. The fine folks at Short’s say that it’s brewed “with Sidama and Yirgacheffe coffee beans.” I don’t know what that means, but it sounds impressive, doesn’t it?


OH, THE WHITE-HOT DISAPPOINTMENT! Hold on there, tiger. No, it does not taste like coffee. But there are distinct coffee elements in the aroma and the finishing sip. I like it a lot. It balances the hops. 

YOU POMPOUS ASS. Guilty. This is a pleasantly bitter beer. The coffee flavor tends to grow during the drinking. It works with the hop bitterness. But I like coffee. Take that into account. 

SO THIS ISN’T LIKE DRINKING BITTER FOLGERS OUT OF A COLD CARAFE. Not at all. While I do like coffee beers that taste like iced coffee, this one integrates the bean elements into the beer without overpowering the pale ale essentials. It doesn’t fight with the usual inclination of IPAs to go citrusy or piney. It just is. 

IS IT POTENT? The Short’s website tells me that it’s 6.9%. I could probably drink enough to get me into trouble. 

BUT WILL YOU? Me? I never drink enough to get into trouble. I live my life in a saintly manner. 

LIKE HELL. I’m innocent as a newborn babe. Untouched as the driven snow. 

DO YOU EVER TIRE OF LYING? Nah. It’s my greatest skill.