Instant Beer Review: Sixpoint Bengali Tiger


WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO SMILEY? Because, as of right now, I’m on vacation!

WHERE’RE YOU GONNA BE VACATIONING? Las Vegas! The plane departs tomorrow morning at 0930 hours for what promises to be the slopfest of the year.

SO YOU’RE CELEBRATING WITH A BEER? Naturally. I just got my hair cut like a good boy (at Thorps on Winnebago St! Ask for Tara. She’s the best.), and I generally reward myself for such accomplishments with a beverage at Alchemy.

YOU REWARD YOURSELF FOR GETTING A HAIRCUT? I reward myself for the successful completion of pretty much any responsible, adult behavior/task.

ALRIGHT, THEN. WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING AS YOUR ‘REWARD?’ I decided upon the Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA, out of Brooklyn, NY. And I can do without the sarcasm. Ass.

I LOVE YOU, TOO. HOW IS IT? I’ve been looking forward to trying a Sixpoint beer for a while, but haven’t stumbled upon one on draft at any of the establishments I usually frequent. Until now, that is.

GO ON… I give it a thumbs up. It is a solid, malty India Pale Ale with a good, citrusy hops flavor that softens, but doesn’t squelch the hoppy-bitterness of the beer. The Bengali Tiger fits right in with my favorite types of Wisconsin-made summer IPAs (e.g. Scurvy or Bedlam) in that it’s not too heavy, while refreshing, and all the while maintaining an appealing warm-weather quaffability.


DEEP THOUGHTS? I’ve been hearing all sorts of praise about Sixpoint, and I’m pleased that I’ve finally been able to throw some down my gullet. The brewery’s founder is Shane Welch, a former Wisconsinite, so you know he has developed a solid Midwestern appreciation for beer. And they can most (if not all?) of their beer that does not come in a barrel or a growler. Which is awesome.