Instant Beer Review: Sleeman Original Draught

GUEST POST! The OverServed Vacation Desk bravely steps in to battle the summer doldrums.



I’M SORRY? YOU MUST NOT BE IN AMERICA. Correct. The wife and I were traipsing through Montréal, and we stumbled upon a rather large public space that appears to be dedicated to displaying these guys:


WHAT THE HOLY HELL? I had the same reaction. Further research led to the knowledge that it is part of the Just for Laughs Festival.

I SEE. AND WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING, FRENCHY? I am enjoying a Sleeman Original Draught. The gold on the can means that it has to be good, right?

SURE, WHY NOT? NEVER HEARD OF ‘EM. At one point, it was the fifth largest craft brewery in Canada.

ISN’T THAT LIKE SAYING THE THIRD MOST EFFICIENT ESCALATOR IN GERMANY? They actually have kind of an interesting history, but not that interesting.

SO HOW IS IT? Well, it tastes Canadian.

YOU’LL HAVE TO MAKE A STAB A SPECIFICITY. You know, kind of like shore lunch and fries with gravy. With a dash of Tim Hortons.

IS THAT GOOD OR BAD? It’s actually not terrible. Perhaps that’s the heat and humidity talking, though. Anything ice cold would probably be good right now.

THE FLAVOR ISN’T TERRIBLE. THAT’S WHAT I’M TAKING AWAY. It’s really malty, a little corny, and basically has only a kiss of the hops, but that kiss was blown from across the room.

A RAVE REVIEW. I wouldn’t turn down another one, but I won’t seek it out, either.

POOR SLEEMAN. Perhaps next time I’ll get a Sleeman Lift.

DEEP THOUGHTS: It’s too hot for deep thoughts. I’m a delicate flower, I don’t know how these people deal with their oppressive humidity.

Thanks to Matt, who is not only a delicate flower, but a unique snowflake to boot.