Instant Beer Review: Snow Drift Black IPA

WHAT ARE YOU SIPPING THE HELL OUT OF NOW? A Snow Drift Black IPA from Baraboo Brewing Co.

AS IN BARABOO, WI? THEY HAVE A BREWERY NOW? No, as in the craft brewing operation that Hy-Vee started.

ARE YOU SHITTING ME? Nope. Hy-Vee wanted to get in on the craft beer craze. So they did.

HY-VEE IS BREWING BEER? Well, sort of. The Steven’s Point Brewery is taking care of the brewing of the actual beer.


I DON’T KNOW WHICH END IS UP ANYMORE. I never did, frankly. And I doubt I ever will.

Hy-Vee brand beer. Oh boy.

Hy-Vee brand beer. Oh boy.

IS THE BEER DRINKABLE? Yes, actually. It’s pretty impressive for a Hy-Vee/Point collaboration, in my opinion. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. To be honest, I picked up the six-pack because I thought Baraboo Brewing was a new brewery I’d never heard of out of Baraboo, WI. Unsurprisingly, this whole Hy-Vee deal was way under my radar.

SPECIFICS? The beer pours as a rich, dark red when held up to the light, and drinks almost like a porter. There is a mild smokey characteristic that is balanced well by a sweet, maple syrup-like flavor aspect. The hops are present and linger on the tongue, but are not overwhelming. There’re also some nice little notes of coffee in the finish. In short, I say, “Bravo, Baraboo.”


ABV? I dunno. Nowhere I looked on the inter-tubes seems to know. If I had to guess, I’d put it at 6.5%. But that’s just a guess.

WHERE CAN I GRAB A SIXER? Presumably at any Hy-Vee store. Snow Drift is a winter seasonal, but Baraboo offers three year-round options to keep an eye out for: Red Granite Lager, Lumberjack IPA, and Woodpecker Wheat Ale.

WAIT, ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE NOT CONFUSING THIS BEER WITH LEINIE’S SNOWDRIFT VANILLA PORTER? No. I am not confusing the two. I don’t make mistakes. That Leinie’s vanilla porter is an abortion of taste and decency. God, it’s gross.