Instant Beer Review: Standing Stones

20140718-144436-53076625.jpgHEY, FUCKER. Hi, fucker.

WHATCHA DRINKING? Oh, just a beer.

CARE TO ELABORATE? Sure. Specifically, I’m sucking on a Standing Stones Scotch Ale from Madison’s own House of Brews.

WHERE ARE YOU? At Chief’s on Cottage Grove Rd.

HOW’S THE BEER? It’s got a nice caramel nose that yields a thoroughly easy-drinking scotch ale experience. The look is a deep, velvety dark brown. A prominent malt framework is noticeable upon the first sip, which dissolves into a barely-detectable smokey finish.

NICELY PUT. Thank you. The beer is good, but I enjoy HoB’s ‘Community Supported Brewery’ concept even better.

Following the CSA model used in agriculture, we will take subscribers who will receive a periodic allotment of beer (some of which will only be available to them) and they will also get input as to what is brewed.

Cool, huh?

INDEED. HoB’s beers are dependably approachable and unintimidating, which is refreshing in a way, considering the propensity towards crazy craft beer concoctions these days. There’s something to be said about making drinkable, straight-forward beer in an arguably over-saturated market where it is difficult to stand out without brewing crazy shit.

ABV? 6%, more or less.

PRICE TAG? Five-or-so bucks. I dunno. I wasn’t issued a receipt for my meal. Chief’s is a place that doesn’t bother with receipts because Chief’s DGAF.

THUMBS UP FOR THE BEER? Thumbs up. The beer is nothing ridiculously remarkable, but it succeeds in its subtlety.

THAT’S A WIN? That’s a win in my book.