Instant Beer Review: Super Bier


From the OverServed Chicago desk:

THE BEER: Super Bier from Lake Effect Brewing. Originally reported on here.

WERE YOU AT SUPERDAWG?! No, I was actually at Beermiscous. I think I might have freaked out my friends when I nearly yelped from excitement upon seeing it in the cooler.

WHAZZAT? Beermiscious? It’s a beer cafe in Lincoln Park. It’s basically a beer snob’s (read: Doug’s) dream. They have cases of 300 beers for individual sale. You can take them to go (for cheap) or have them crack it open for you there.

YOU WERE OUT ON A WEEK NIGHT? Well, they were sampling Moody Tongue‘s Paw Paw Belgium, so I made an exception.

BACK TO THE SUPER BIER… Oh yes. It’s supposed to be a Kolsch. People on Untapped are really digging it, but it has a really interesting smoky finish.

MUCH LIKE A SUPERDAWG? Much like a Superdawg, like drinking a liquid Superdawg.

SOUNDS… UNAPPEALING. I’m not sure if I’d have it again, but it was fun to try. Definitely going to stick with the sausage form in the future.