Instant Beer Review: The Incredible Hop Imperial Rye IPA


THE BEER: The Incredible Hop Imperial Rye IPA from Fort Collins Brewery

THE PLACE: An undisclosed location.

SO… NOT COLORADO? No. I picked up a bomber of this beer at Binny’s.

BINNY’S? Oh, man. Binny’s. Binny’s is just… It’s like Toys R Us for booze. It’s so great. Love Binny’s.


SO WHAT IS IT? “A combination of old world grain and new world style,” whatever that means. A high-powered pale ale brewed with rye.

HOW IS IT? I haven’t decided. It’s interesting. It’s got a lot of flavor, but not exactly what I’d expect from an imperial IPA. The malt flavors are far more dominant than the hops. I’m just not getting the kind of citrusy bitter kick I want.

SO YOU HAVE DECIDED. I guess so. I’ll finish the bottle, but I wouldn’t get it again. Not bad, but not what I hoped for.

DEEP THOUGHTS: it’s a perfectly fine beer, but I wanted more hops. Whaddya gonna do. I can’t seem to find the ABV listed anywhere, but I assume it’s high. And I’m drinking this on an empty stomach. Get ready for some interesting texts, contacts!