Instant Beer Review: Viking Afternoon


WHY HELLO THERE. Why, hello.

HOW’S IT GOING? My left eyeball is a bit itchy, if you must know.

I’M SORRY TO HEAR THAT. But it’s okay because I’m drinking a beer, and beer makes things better.

QUITE RIGHT. WHAT ARE YOU CRUSHING THROUGH THIS TIME? It’s a new one from Furthermore Brewing out of Spring Green, WI. They’re calling it a ‘teeter-totter IPA,’ which refers to its light body but big hop character.

BUT WHAT’S THE NAME OF THEĀ BEER? Oh. That would be important information, I suppose. They’re calling it Viking Afternoon.

SO WHAT IS THIS BEER? It’s a light, sipping India Pale Ale that’s good for summertime day drinking. The ABV is only 4.9%, which means you can tip back several before really losing your gourd. Viking Afternoon is a nice alternative to a lot of the summer seasonal ales and wheat beers.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? I, personally, think the beer is pretty darn great. Although, as is the case with a lot of Furthermore’s lineup, I have a feeling that people are going to either really love it, or not so much. There is just a touch of cherrywood smoke malt that adds a compliment to the hops that I find to be delightful, but certain beer drinkers might think it tastes like barnyard.

SO YOU’D RECOMMEND IT? Absolutely, but I’d let people try a sample first. Just in case. Viking Afternoon has a nice, balanced citrusy quality from the Simcoe hops that is offset by the smoked malt. It’s a terrific, courageous warm weather brew for hop heads.

BUT WHAT DO YOU KNOW. But what do I know. Exactly.

FINAL THOUGHTS? Furthermore is one of my favorite Wisconsin breweries because they are always pushing the envelope of adventurous beer drinkers with unique and crazy twists to the tried and true brewing styles. I don’t know where brewmaster Aran Madden comes up with this stuff, but he’s a fricking genius.