Instant Beer Review: Vintage Brewing’s Jinja Ninja

WHAT YOU DRINKING, DOGG? The Jinja Ninja from Vintage Brewing in Madison, WI.

DID YOU SPELL THAT CORRECTLY? Um, of course I did. How dare you even ask.

MY BAD. It’s cool, dude.

WHAT THE HECK KIND OF BEER IS IT? Well, it is a spelt-based, ginger-laced, amber double witbier.

SAY WHAT? Vintage just basically invented a style of beer.

OH. WHAT DO YOU THINK? I’m a fan. It’s a bit heavy on the ginger aspect, which would normally turn me off, but I’m strangely cool with it. I’ve been on a big hop kick as of late, so the witbier is a nice alternative. The beer is very complex and refreshing–a nice let’s-get-drunk-on-a-Sunday-and-play-sand-volleyball brew–and all of the flavors politely complement one another like a subtle golf clap.

WHAT? I don’t know, man.

WHAT DOES JAZZ THINK? Jazz is the gal seated next to me that I just met. She thinks I should ask for a refund. Jazz prefers beers that “punch her in the throat.”

MEANING WHAT, EXACTLY? I’m not sure. She just left my side with her rum and cola before she could elaborate. I am far from devastated.

DEEP THOUGHTS? We’ve got this one on tap at the joint where I tend bar, and it’s been very hit or miss with people–this beer has been very polarizing, indeed. I will say one thing, however: keep your eye out for Vintage beer when you’re out and about in downtown Madison. They’ve been putting out some incredible, creative beers as of late. A few months back, I became quite enamored with their Black Mirror Double Black IPA. Every time I drank one, I’d have the Arcade Fire song stuck in my head for hours. It was awesome.

WHAT’S JAZZ DOING NOW? Complaining that the dart board doesn’t take debit cards. She is also not pleased that this establishment has neglected to carry RC Cola to mix with her well rum.