Instant Beer Review: Warrior IPA


THE BEER: Left Hand’s Warrior IPA.

THE PLACE: The Tipsy Cow

WHAT IS IT? A fresh-hopped IPA. Which makes it a seasonal brew, since you can’t get fresh hops anytime you want. You can’t just wander into a damn mega-mart and buy fresh hops on a whim, you dope.

HEY, SETTLE DOWN. Sorry. I wanted a taco tonight, but it wasn’t happening. I had to go with a burger instead. It was a good burger, don’t get me wrong. I just really wanted that taco.

WELL, HOW IS IT? Good aroma, nice bitter blast at the first sip, kind of a spicy floral thing going on. It’s a nice, strong IPA, and it pairs really well with the burger I ended up getting. So it’s not all bad. Still wish I had that taco, though.


ARE YOU EVEN CAPABLE OF DEEP THOUGHTS? Yes. For all the flavor, this is a drinkable IPA. It’s surprisingly easy to drink more than one. I just started my third, as a matter of fact. After the citrusy tang you get at the first taste, it’s got the kind of pleasant bitterness that leads you to another sip. I bet it would be great with a taco.

WE GET IT. YOU WANTED A TACO. Still do. Tomorrow’s another day.