Instant Beer Review | West Coast Edition: Pacific Sunset IPA


Where the hell are you?

Pacific Beach Alehouse, sunny San Diego. I can see the beach from my perch and my white skin is starting to bubble.

And yer in Cali why?

Because even the devil needs a vacation.

Whatever. Whatcha drinking?

Pacific Sunset IPA. 6.5% $5 for a 14oz pull. Nice grapefruit and pine aroma. Light caramel-ish medium bodied beer. Slightly hoppy bitterness, certainly not the level a discerning hophead like myself would expect. But it’s hot and I’m thirsty so it works.

So what are yer first impressions of San Diego?

CRAZY fucking drivers. That’s what.

Sure grandma.

Also the first beer patron I talked to…from Chicago, loves Wisconsin. I swear you can’t go anywhere without Wisconsin somehow being involved.

And that’s that. My first beer review. I’m starting to feel weird sitting here at the pub, typing on a phone. Time to pop some blisters and order up another round.