Instant Beer Review: Woodshed IPA


THE BEER: Woodshed IPA from Vintage Brewing.

THE PLACE: Dexter’s Pub. It’s a pre-Great Taste tap takeover.

SAY, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Dealing with the trauma of transitioning from Blatz to Old Milwaukee as my default maintenance beverage.

FAIR ENOUGH. SO WHAT IS IT? An oaked IPA. French-oaked, if the blurb is to be believed. (Which I choose to do, as I am a man who trusts others.) 6.5% ABV.

HOW IS IT? Damn good. It’s got a bit of a sweetish, oaky flavor, but not too much. The the hops are there but not overwhelming. It’s balanced. I can’t say that I’ve ever had something exactly like it.

DEEP THOUGHTS: This beer represents my kick-off of the Great Taste celebratory shenanigans. It’s a good start – good flavor, unique, and full of the healing alcohol that kids need. I’d have another, but there’s a damned embarrassment of beer riches here. So it goes.