Instant Beer/ Booze/ Something Review: “Schlitzel”


WHAT IS THIS NOW? It’s a “Schlitzel,” apparently.

A WHAT? It’s a sort of shandy.

WHAT’S A SHANDY? A shandygaff.

MORE SPECIFIC, JERK. Sorry. It’s a mix of beer and lemonade or soda or some such.

RIGHT. THE PLACE? The Greenbush Bar in scenic Madison, Wisconsin. I’d link to their website, but I can’t seem to find one.

HOW MUCH? A cool four-fiddy.

SO… SCHLITZEL? Yep. They describe it as “Schlitz beer and house-made schwitzel – a tangy drink brewed with mint and cider vinegar.” I couldn’t resist.

HUH. SO HOW IS IT? Strangely refreshing. It’s got a somewhat medicinal flavor, but not in an unpleasant way. It’s kind of like mint tea mixed with kombucha mixed with… well, Schlitz.

DEEP THOUGHTS? As you may have guessed, this probably isn’t for everyone. It’s kind of a weird blend if flavors. But hey – for $4.50, it’s worth trying. And I’d have another.