Let’s Mix a Random Drink


I’m at a random bar*, asking a random bartender** for the cocktail recipe book. Let’s pick a random recipe, shall we?

[flip flip flip]

Okay, the Sir Walter Raleigh. 1.5 oz brandy, 0.75 oz light rum, 1 tsp Triple Sec, 1 tsp grenadine, 1 tsp lime juice. Shake with ice, stir into chilled glass. Here we go.


Well, that is just… pink, isn’t it?


Hey, that’s damned refreshing. It’s like boozy grapefruit juice. Even though I look like I’m waiting for a bridal shower to get underway, I might actually drink this in real life.

Success! Consider the Sir Walter Raleigh an officially sanctioned cocktail. Order it with confidence.

*Actually, it’s the bar I’m at all the time.
**Truth be told, a good chum.