A “Monster” review of Great Lakes brewery

Hi Folks!

I know I pop up few and far between here but, I’m back, and happy to say that the unofficial start of summer in Wisconsin is upon us, and I am ready to share some of the new and wonderful things I discover while being overserved 🙂

A stop at Trixies Liquor in Madison WI is always a treat for me. Before Trixies came along this shop was just a run down slum, ready-made for skid row tenants and hookers. Now, this booze palace features a stellar beer collection, fine wines, an ambitious spirit list, and really funny greeting cards, with merchandise to boot. However, the cherry on top has got to be the FREE beer tastings that are frequently hosted here. Today I walked in and got to sample beers from Great Lakes brewery located in Cleveland, Ohio. I left with two four packs of the “Lake Erie Monster”, their Imperial IPA.

Lake Erie Monster


The “…Monster” is going to be a great IIPA for the summer. All of the notes are light, refreshing, and won’t weigh you down while drinking it on your porch in the afternoon. It does pack a high percentage but you don’t taste it. It doesn’t dry out your taste buds the way some other imperials do. So if your looking for a great drinkable strong pale ale to enjoy while fishing, lounging, or grilling out on a warm summer night, this is it.