My Brew Review – Lagunitas, WilcoTangoFoxtrot, Ale

photo by George


Beer: A pretty, dark, malty ale from Petaluma, Ca., ABV 7.85%

Where did you find it: Jennifer Street Market in Madison, WI – probably one of the best beer selections for a neighborhood grocery store I’ve ever seen.

Lunch: I was enjoying this crisp malty bevvy with a pepperjack cheese burger, and I must say they went together nicely.

Name: Just look at the label, you’ll get it, and I think it’s FANTASTIC!

Fun fact: I was first introduced to this beer when I got laid off and a friend sent it to me as part of an unemployment survival kit (see next pic.)












Final thoughts: I really love this beer. It’s a limited edition release, so get your hands on some in the next few days if you can. This easy hopped brew is perfect by a campfire, and if the weather here in Madison is telling us anything, it’s saying get some good beer and go camping!