On Tap: Craft Beer Mutterings

So the other night I dropped into a new bar/restaurant that shall remain unnamed. They’re clearly still in the larval stage, so I shan’t judge them too harshly for their menu, décor, and oddly-sized bar. But I shall judge their tap list. It was as follows:

Murphy’s Irish Stout. Stella Artois. New Belgium Fat Tire. Shock Top Belgian White.

That’s just sad. That’s the kind of tap list you find at a “high-end” airport bar. That’s what people who know nothing about craft beer stock their refrigerators with to impress the neighbors. Nothing against New Belgium, by the way, but Fat Tire has become the go-to beer for people just barely venturing past Bud Light. And the rest? Murphy’s is made by Heineken, and the other two come from A-B InBev. Oh, and I should point out that this joint is within walking distance of bars with ridiculous tap lists. Good luck, anonymous bar.

Anyway, behold some random mutterings on newish craft beers…

Middleton’s Capital Brewery just released Blonde Doppelbock at its annual Bockfest hootenanny. It’s a pretty big drinker at 7.8% ABV. They’ve also got their Maibock, which is a tad less potent at 6.2%. There’s also something called “Jacked Maibock,” which apparently involves more hops and candied sugar. “Jacked is Maibock with an unexpected kick!” Okay, worth a try.

Down Chicago way, Half Acre has partnered with Three Floyd’s to create Anicca, “single hopped snake juice showcasing the Mosaic hop.” 7.3% ABV, available only in the tap room. Will I venture to the Windy City specifically to sample it? Maaaaaaybe.

Are you in Wausau? Me either. But if I was, I’d probably wander over to Red Eye Brewing  to check out the release of Riona Red, an Irish Red Ale. Tuesday March 5 at 6 pm.

Bell’s winter seasonal Hopslam seems to be the big thing that my people are browning out on lately. I believe that it contributed to a series of recent pratfalls I performed. It’s insanely drinkable for being 10% ABV. It’s dangerous, but get it while you can.

And for no good reason, here’s a Blatz ad: