Overheard Customer Interactions: I thought Germans Knew Beer

Overheard at the hotel bar…

Bartender: Can I help you sir?

Patron, in a thick German accent: I vould like to haff a draft beer?

Bartender: Okay, we have a porter on tap right now.

Patron: Is… is that like a blonde? A blonde beer?

Bartender: No, it’s a dark beer. We also have an Oktoberfest. It’s really good, with just a bit more if a hoppy character than the usual Oktoberfest. Would you like a taste of either one?

Patron: No, no. Do you haff perhaps a Heineken?

Bartender: I have it in bottles.

Patron: Yes, I think I will haff that then.

Bartender, with a shrug: If you say so.