Overheard Customer Interactions: Maybe He Can Use His One Phone Call?


[Observed on a recent chilly evening]

BARTENDER: Hey man, what can I get you?

PATRON: Dude, my buddy tells me you make an awesome Brandy Alexander here.

BARTENDER: Uh, the kind with ice cream? We don’t have ice cream here. Are you sure that’s what he said? Not a Brandy Old Fashioned or something like that?

PATRON: Naw, man. Brandy Alexander. He said it was the bomb.

BARTENDER: Well, I guess I can mix up something like that without ice cream, sure.

[Mixology commences. A beverage is served. The patron sips, then flags down the bartender.]

PATRON: Hey, what’s in this?

BARTENDER: It’s brandy, creme de cacao, and a little half-and-half. Do you like it?

PATRON: It’s… its okay, but it’s not what my buddy said it would be like.

BARTENDER: What did he tell you it was?

PATRON: He told me it was hot. A hot drink.

BARTENDER: That’s not a Brandy Alexander. Maybe he had a hot toddy made with brandy?

PATRON: I’m pretty sure he said Alexander. I’d call him to find out, but I have to wait until he gets out of jail.

BARTENDER: Uh… want something else while you, uh, wait for him to get out of jail?

PATRON: Yeah, I’ll have a hot chocolate.

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