PBR Sales Down! Have You No Loyalty, Hipster Hoards?


Has the hipster beer of yore faltered? Sales of Pabst Blue Ribbon are down 2.6% compared to last year. Good god. From CNN Money:

PBR was the “go to” beer during the Great Recession. Retail volume surged 20% in 2009. But growth is drying up. Last year PBR’s retail volume grew less than 4%, its worst performance in at least 9 years.

What’s the reason? Competition from craft beers and other regional cheap brews, among other things. But don’t panic… Pabst claims that PBR “still ranks above the competition in surveys of Millennials.” So there’s that. And I’m pretty sure that the peak hipster I saw last weekend—Sriracha t-shirt, vinyl album backpack—is a loyal PBR drinker. He just has to be. Read the whole thing here.