Review: 6 Men, in Wisconsin’s north woods, and one really fruity drink.

Recently myself and five chaps packed up and headed to a cabin in northern Wisconsin for three days of… well, I should stop there to protect the privacy, and embarrassment of my fellow travelers, lets just say we had fun. While shopping for some additional treats I came across this little gem, and I made the ultimate sacrifice for your taste buds.

What you see is a pouch of frozen Pomegranate Acai Margarita. You poke a whole in the top, and squeeze it into your mouth like a booze laden Capri Sun – Hey, what better way to get the kids hooked early right? (I am NOT endorsing this product for kids, THEY are.) As a matter of fact, I remember the lispy, 14 year old looking cashier with braces saying, “Oh My God, those are so good!” All I could think was,

“Don’t you have homework to do?” Anyway…what did the panel have to say:

(Names have been changed to avoid shame. Also, my notes from that night are a little hazy.)

Mick: Rainbow snowcone.

Jaworski: A terrible alcoholic blue icy.

Brainy Smurf: I love shitty booze, but it has to be in moderation.

The Kisser: [This is where my handwriting got really bad but here’s what I got] Drinkable as ketchup.

Bro Mick: Sweet, almost passable. [He’s the youngest]

Then for some reason this was written down, “Old lady weekend, Popeyes ran out.” I believe the night begins to fade from there.

Me: I thought it’s what one drinks when the only thing that can enhance your buzz is brain freeze and sugar coated teeth. I didn’t like it.

If you take anything away from this review, I hope it’s this: ONE, Don’t drink frozen booze out of a bag unless you’re in a bomb shelter about to die and you desperately need to relax, AND TWO for the love of everything groovy, keep this shit away from your kids!