Science! Beer Goggles Work in Reverse. You’re Welcome.

Beer science!

Via KCET… scientists with amusing accents have discovered that beer goggles not only make people look more attractive to the drinker, but also make the¬†lush his/herself¬†appear to be a fine specimen. In the thrillingly titled study “Increased Facial Attractiveness Following Moderate, but not High, Alcohol Consumption,” British and Australian researchers have found that “faces of individuals who have consumed a low dose of alcohol… are rated as more attractive than faces of sober individuals.” Why?

Given the nature of our study (using photographic stimuli), the change in attractiveness is presumably driven by changing appearance following alcohol consumption. One possible mechanism is vasodilation associated with alcohol consumption, which may lead to an increase of skin blood perfusion in the skin and an increase in red colouration, which in turn is known to be perceived as healthy and attractive… Another possibility is facial expression; low doses of alcohol may lead to an increase in positive mood that is apparent in subtle smiles and relaxation of tonic muscle tone.

Oh thank god. This is great news for everyone involved. But wait…

At higher levels of consumption this effect is not observed, and may even be reversed.

Sonuvabitch. Just when I thought things were looking up…