Science! Behold the Carlsbergensis Foaming Gene

No doubt utilizing some sort of black magic, scientists at the the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain have identified the gene in yeast that’s responsible for creating a beer’s foamy head. It’s called the Carlsbergensis foaming gene because, hey, why not? Via NPR:

… the gene resides in the yeasts used to ferment beer and it produces a protein that binds to the drink’s CO2 bubbles, preventing them from escaping from the glass too quickly.

“The bubbles from the CO2 have to stay as long as possible,” [Tom Villa, the chair of microbiology] says. “The longer they stay, the better the beer, as you know.”

Now that we know exactly which gene is responsible for beer foam, Villa says it’s possible to manipulate that gene to create beer with foam that lasts longer — potentially for hours and hours…

Yes, but aren’t there some things man was not meant to know? Are we tampering with the laws of nature? Spitting in the very eye of God? Take care, scienticians!