Science! Workout Recovery Beer

Beer science!

You saps and your Gatorade. Via NPR… A Canadian company claims to have concocted a “recovery ale” that will be marketed as a sport drink. Lean Machine has 77 calories, 0.5% ABV, and has antioxidants and electrolytes and whatever other nonsense that athletes crave after indulging in ball sports and exercise. (It’s all Greek to me; I don’t much cotton to physical activity.) But will it work? Maybe…  Ben Desbrow, a sports nutritionist at Griffith University in Australia, has apparently been screwing around with brews in the name of science:

By lowering the level of alcohol by volume to 2.3 percent and adding salt, [researchers] found that the manipulated beer actually hydrated their sample of athletes better than traditional ale.

Plus, he adds, since beer is plant based — the key ingredients, aside from water, are barley, hops and yeast — it contains a whole range of naturally occurring nutrients that manufactured sports drinks don’t have.

“A properly formulated beer beverage is likely to do you no more harm than you are likely to get from a sports drink,” Desbrow says. “In fact, it probably is likely to do you more good, because it’s got a lot of these sort of natural compounds, like polyphenols, that are actually good for your health.”


Marvelous. I look forward to the day when enthusiastic football players dump a cooler full of beer on their coach after winning the big game. Wouldn’t that be perfectly fitting for the Green Bay Packers? The fanbase is already hammered, after all.

(Image from Lean Machine Canada)