Serious Booze: The New York Times Looks at Summer Drinks


One of the things I enjoy about the New York Times is its insistence on treating every topic with a certain degree of pompous gravity. As someone prone to abject pomposity myself, it’s a quality I find admirable. So I particularly love today’s Dining section. Not only is it a wealth of information on summer boozing, but it also manages to treat the topic with just a dash of unwarranted solemnity. A few highlights (and my favorite quotes that could only come from the Times):

  • An essay on summer drinking. Key Times-y quote: “Shakespeare (most likely a drinker of ale) was right about summer, though: its lease hath all too short a date.”
  • A guide to 20 summer wines for $20. Key Times-y quote: “We still want to sip greatness, to be tantalized and inspired by wines that speak with purity, grace or mystery.”
  • A¬†glance at maraschino liqueur and cherries. Key Times-y quote: “Cocktail experts call maraschino a gateway to understanding historical cocktails.”
  • A survey of high-end bar snacks. Key Times-y quote: “Influenced by the izakayas of Japan, the tapas counters of Spain, the gastro pubs of England and mixology trailblazers like PDT in the East Village, bar owners and restaurateurs have brought a new level of care, craft and passion to something that used to be a negligible form of human nourishment.”

There are also features on beer cocktails, summer punches, and an amusing “What Are You Drinking?” interactive feature. Go check it out and be pretentious for a while. It’s fun in the right dose.