Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head Give Us More To Celebrate

Finally, science has provided us with something we can fucking use!

Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head breweries–two of the most recognized and respected craft IPA brewers in the country–have collaborated in designing a beer glass that is specifically tailored to religious imbibers of the India Pale Ale.

An article at has this to say on the matter:

After testing out dozens of iterations, the craft breweries’ respective materminds, Ken Grossman and Sam Calagione, landed on the design above. The composition helps with three things: The thinness keeps the beer cold. The ridges on the bottom aerate the liquid and reinforce the robust head (which traps the carbonation). And as opposed to scent-catapulting normal pint glasses, the aromas are captured by the concave, snifter-like top, which Calagione calls in the video below an “olfactory cannon” aimed at your nose.

It was the ‘olfactory cannon’ description that really sold me. That, and the fact that the glass looks as though it could double as a kinky sex toy if turned upside-down (‘ribbed for her something-or-other?’). Can’t wait to throw a 120 Minute IPA into one of those babies and have my mind explode in a violent rainbow of a mess.

Sounds like the glasses won’t be available until May-ish, but you can pre-order yours here and commence in impatiently tapping your foot. They run about 25 clams for a set of two.

Image courtesy of, and thanks to my pal Mark for bringing this shit to my attention.