Sign the Petition: Keep Old Style at Wrigley Field

I have been a Chicago Cubs fan for my whole life. 32 long years of angst and disappointment, with little to show for my dedication besides a handful of pathetic playoff berths and zero World Series appearances. My Grandpa Ray waited (somewhat) patiently his entire life for a Cubbies World Series victory, and, sadly, he was shuffled off this mortal coil empty handed. Grandma Virginia religiously watched every home game on WGN in her little living room on Gammon Road in Wheaton, IL, and she too departed this world with nothing to show for her love of an ailing franchise. My old man has a lot of living left to do (he only just turned 60), but he is already becoming fearful of the same fate.

Such are the risks of choosing to live your life as a Cubs fan. Some of us are oldstylepourbred into this despair, while some of us are simply gluttons for punishment. But for all of us, there remains a faint glimmer of hope that one day our prayers will be answered and the curse of the goat will be lifted.

And now, as the Cubs Nation looks down the long, steely barrel of yet another dismal season with spring training getting ready to resume at the end of the month, we are met with another speed bump to our loyalty: no more Old Style at Wrigley Field.

Are you fucking kidding me? What next? The horror!

Towards the end of 2013, reports began surfacing:

After a 63-year partnership, the Chicago Cubs opted to sign a deal with Anheuser-Busch InBev to become the team’s exclusive beer and malt beverage partner. That agreement will extend to the Cubs’ new spring training facility in Mesa, Ariz., as well, and will likely include a large sign in right field.

petitionGod damn it. I still buy tickets to watch your shitty baseball team in a ball park I love, and now I’m going to be subjected to lukewarm Budweiser instead of an ‘authentically kraeusened’ Old Style? Without a choice? Ending a 60+ year marriage with Wrigley Field? For shame, you greedy boners.

In response, Old Style has begun a petition in the hopes of keeping its beer within the Friendly Confines. From a statement on the petition’s website:

“Judging by the reaction to this news, on social channels and through the numerous inquiries received, fans want to make their voices heard. They’ve made clear, that while deep pockets may win “official” deal, Old Style has something more priceless: The hearts of legions of Chicago fans.”

Join the movement and sign the petition here. Please. Us Cubs fans have so little left to root for these days, please don’t trifle with the beer we love to hate.