Summer Drinkin’: Chicago Beer Collaborations


From the Chicago Desk:

Need a day trip idea for this summer? Cruise on down to Chicago and check out some summer collaborations complied by the RedEye.

Where? Big Star. What? Fist City Extra Pale Ale. Who? Revolution Brewing. Why? Because it’s Big Star and Revolution…

Where? Bottlefork. What? Root Cellar Rye Amber Ale. Who? Begyle Brewing. Why? Because I’ve tried the beer at the Begyle store and it’s great.

Where? The Radler. What? Haus Hells & Haus Maibock. Who? Flesk Brewing. Why? Because who doesn’t like German food?

Where? Parachute. What? Chamomile Wit. Who? Atlas Brewing. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never heard of Parachate and I visited Atlas before they were able to serve their beer, but apparently it’s Korean pub food. Let me know if you come down; we can check this out together!

Where? Slippery Slope. What? Barracuda Blue. Who? Dark Horse Brewing Co. Why? Again, haven’t visited Slippery Slope (it’s new) and I’m not too familiar with Dark Horse’s brews. Adding it to the list!

Where? Bangers & Lace. What? Une Annee wit. Who? Une Annee. Why? Because Bangers & Lace has a great patio on Division Street and will open their garage door windows on nice days. And they’ll make their sausages meat-free for all those vegetarian losers you hang out with.

See the whole list and read the stories behind the collaborations here.

(Photo from Big Star)