The Continuing Story of Diet Coke Jim: All Talk, No Show

Diet Coke Jim walks into a bar for the first and only time today….

DCJ: Can I tell you something?

ME: Sure, buddy.

DCJ: Thursdays are my favorite day of the week. Want to know why?

ME: Because you get to see me?

DCJ: Nope.

ME: Why are Thursdays your favorite day of the week?

DCJ: Because HBO has the best porn on Thursday nights.

ME: HBO has porn?

DCJ: Yeah.

ME: No kidding.

DCJ: And you wanna know what?

ME: What?

DCJ: Tonight there are two movies on back to back.

ME: Jackpot, huh?

DCJ: Yeah. None of that Taxicab Confessions crap. There’s no nudity!

ME: Well, that’s just a waste.

DCJ: It’s all talk, and no show.

ME: Total bummer.

DCJ: How many pops have I had today?

ME: Probably close to a billion.

DCJ: No.

ME: You’re right. But you’re easily closing in on a dozen.

DCJ: Oh.