This Bartender is FIRED UP

“So this douche comes into the bar and orders a ‘New England Iced Tea.’ And I was like, well that’s new, but I didn’t want to be a bitch, so I asked him what was in it, and he got all snotty and said, ‘You’d better go ask someone with a little more experience.’ And then I’m like, asshole, I have more bartending experience than all of these kids combined.  But whatever, fine. So I go to every other bartender – every other person behind the bar – and say, loudly, ‘I’m sorry, but do you know how to make a New England Iced tea?’ And of course everyone is like, no and what the hell are you asking me for? So I go back to the douche and I say, ‘Boy, no one else seems to know how to make a New England Iced Tea either. Do you mean a Long Island Iced Tea?’ And he says, ‘Oh. Yeah. I guess.’ Without even a trace of apology! God. Dammit.”