Throw This: Blind Beer Tasting Party


From the Party Planning Desk:

What happens when you put a bunch of 20-somethings, an accountant, and a f-ton of craft beer into one room? The whitest event possible.

Meet this party concept—a blind beer tasting contest. All you need to do is round up a gaggle of your pals and ask them to swing by with a 6-pack of their favorite brew and some cash. What next, you ask? Grab some duct tape and cover the label or can so no one knows what they’re in store for. (It’s helpful if you have a pregnant friend to jot down all the different beers and assign them numbers before they’re thrown into the ring.) Throw all the beers and ice and get crackin’.


At the party I attended, everyone submitting a beer was asked to contribute $5. Winner took 65% of the pot, second place took 25, and third took 10. I brought along Surly’s Overated Ale which was said to have tasted of “Indian asshole.” There were over 20 beers submitted and my notes consisted of many “eh”s, “ok”s, and “ok +”s. Clearly a lot of worthy entries.


However, the top three beers were much deserving of the win. Third place? Boulevard’s Tank 7 ($6 to the winners; two people brought the same beer). Second place? A golden wheat homebrew with strawberry added in the secondary—delicious ($33). The big kahuna? Three Floyd’s Robert the Bruce ($86 maybe? I didn’t write down the actual winning amount).

Overall the evening was a great success. If you have friends with math backgrounds or who love to obsessively organize, I would strongly suggest throwing a similar party. The saddest part about the entire night was I was the only person to cheer for the winning beer…