Time to Panic: Barley Crop in Trouble, Beer Prices Sure to Rise

Booze News

Via Gawker… fellow beer drinkers, we could be in trouble. Heavy August rains in Montana and Idaho have screwed with the barley crop. And since those are the nation’s biggest barley-producing states, that could mean higher beer prices. (Malted barley is, of course, the main ingredient in beer.) The rain has caused the barley to germinate, making it pretty well useless for anything but animal feed. Lousy animals. From the Billings Gazette:

Maltsters are warning brewers that barley will be available but pricey in 2015 when this year’s crop becomes next year’s beer ingredient.

“We’ve been told to expect major price increases for malt,” said Tim Mohr of Angry Hank’s Brewery in Billings. “There is no panic yet. Everybody has been telling us not to panic. There is carry-over from last year’s malt supply. Our prices are stable until January, but beer prices are going up.”

No panic yet. Yet. It’s going to happen, though. Start hoarding now, people. This is clearly going to be the kickoff of society’s downfall.


(Thanks to Kate, who remains calm in the face of this impending doom.)