Townie Bar Tuesday: Jodi’s Bar & Grill

Recently, I started having Tuesdays off of work. It is a strange day to not have to work. Everyone else is toiling away at their various jobs in their normal lives, and I am sitting around all morning in my pajamas, drinking pot after pot of coffee and binging on Netflix. This morning I whiled away an hour and a half watching Bereavement, a real turd of a slasher flick starring Alexandra Daddario and that guy from The Terminator.

IMG_1569When I reached the point of my day when I could not physically put any more caffeine into my body, I decided to put on real-person clothes and go forth into the world in search of something in the way of nourishment. Somehow, I wound up all the way out in Cross Plains, WI at Jodi’s Bar & Grill.

LOCATION: 1821 Main St., Cross Plains, WI

TYPE OF FOOD: Typical American bar food. Sandwiches and burgers, served with French fries. At some point during my visit there was discussion of adding a taco option to the menu. I ordered a Philly Cheesesteak, which was tasty, although it was more of a French Dip with really, really huge sauteed chunks of green bell peppers and onions.

BEVERAGE: The usual assortment of domestic taps and cans. I enjoyed the hell out of 12 oz can of Blatz. It was only two American dollars. So I enjoyed a second one because I do what I want. The second one was only one American dollar because it was happy hour. Nailed it.

DECOR: Kind of a cross between a cafeteria and your grandmother’s basement. Lots of green. Everything was green. There were a lot of oddball winter-themed trinkets and figurines that adorned nearly every flat service in the space, aside from the bar or tabletops. Most of the aforementioned doodads were Christmas-themed, and therefore nearly a month out of date. But cheery and festive nevertheless. There was a pool table and dart boards, and the most space-aged looking ATM machine I have ever encountered in all of my days. It was awesome and a thing to behold, indeed. I wish I would’ve thought to take a picture of it.

IMG_1567SERVICE: Pretty great, considering I was the only customer in the place. The bartender was wearing a totally rad Meat Loaf “Bat Out of Hell” t-shirt and a black and white flannel. He kind of looked like a scruffy hobbit from the shire. Picture Samwise Gamgee and then dump him in the mid-ninties Seattle grunge scene, and you’d have our guy. He informed me that he was a poet, which I found refreshing because not enough people pursue the poetry thing these days, and the two of us watched some weird show about Isaac Asimov and robots.

“Fucking robots,” he observed at one point.

“Right?” I said, thinking that his observation could have been a little more eloquently stated, considering he was a self-proclaimed poet.

CLIENTELE: There really wasn’t any to speak of, but it was 2:30 in the afternoon. As I was finishing up, a woman named Sue burst in to take a break from plowing snow. I thought about asking her what snow she was plowing, considering the last significant snowfall was several days ago, but I decided to leave her to her Tia Maria, which she enjoyed on the rocks. She was pretty anxious to get started on the gambling machines anyhow.

DO OTHER PEOPLE NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS PLACE: Need to? Nah. Jodi’s is nothing remarkable, although I did enjoy my time there. I would definitely go back, but with so many other small town offerings in this state, something tells me I never will.