Want To Get Fancy? Cheese Cupid Comes To Your Rescue!

cheese cupid

Ever been embarrassed by your lack of knowledge when it comes to pairing booze and cheeses? Afraid to ask your server for an opinion because you are afraid of a longwinded, pompous reply that’ll go in one ear and out the other? Want to throw a fancy dinner party, but don’t know what’ll complement that brick of blue cheese in your fridge?

Have no fear, you are not the only one losing sleep over what you don’t know about cheese. I, for one, lose sleep over just about everything.

Cheese Cupid comes to your rescue!

What is Cheese Cupid, you might be asking yourself. Or you might not care and have already moved onto some other website you find more interesting. But in the event you do care, Cheese Cupid is a website that specializes in “uniting beer, wine, and spirits with Wisconsin cheese.”

Go ahead, give it a try. Click the image below. Pick a cheese, any cheese. Or start by selecting your favorite style of beer. Whatever you want. I don’t care, and neither does the website.


 See how easy that was? Now you’ll be the hit of any gathering! You’re welcome!

[vimeo 42785936 w=500 h=281]

They also have an iPhone app, if you’re like me and have trouble planning ahead.

[vimeo 42785938 w=500 h=281]

You’ll never be in the dog house again!

P.S. Is that Patrick Warburton doing the voiceover in those videos?