A Web of Lies! Five “Imported” Beers Brewed in the US

from Sweden

Do you sneer at beers brewed right here in the good ol’ USA and reach instead for the good stuff brewed overseas? Of course not, because you’re not a pompous ignoramus circa 1981. Nonetheless! If you were such a jackass, your uppance would have come. Anheuser-Busch InBev has just settled a class-action lawsuit that alleged “the packaging, marketing and advertising of Kirin beer is designed to deceive consumers into believing they are purchasing a product made in Japan.” But whaddya know… Kirin is actually brewed in Virginia and California. So now Japanophile suckers who saved their Kirin receipts can get their money back (ten cents per bottle or can, fifty cents per six-pack, and a buck per twelve pack). This news has prompted Time to note five “imported” beers that are actually made in the US:

  • Kirin, of course, which is described as a “Japanese-style pilsner” (so light as to almost be nonexistent).
  • Beck’s, also owned by A-B InBev, which supposedly hails from Germany but is actually brewed in 15 different countries, including the US.
  • Foster’s, brewed in Texas, not Australia.
  • Killian’s Irish Red, not Irish and not much of a red, owned by Miller Coors and brewed in Colorado.
  • Red Stripe, that Jamaican standby brewed in Lacrosse, Wisconsin.

Shocking news! But you weren’t going to drink that swill anyway. Read the whole thing here.