Wisconsin Tightens Its Grip On New York City


Today’s New York Times offers an update on Wisconsin’s “inordinate influence on New York dining and drinking.” You’ve got the collection of restaurants referred to as Little Wisco, the Butterfly supperclub run by Wisconsin native Michael White, and the Greenwich Village cheese-pusher 5 oz Factory. You can now add some oddball Sconnie liquors to the mix:

And now, two decidedly Wisconsin spirits have arrived from Death’s Door Spirits, a craft distillery in that state. Wondermint is that thing that no one in the craft spirit movement had yet thought of: artisanal peppermint schnapps. And Kringle Cream is a rum cream liqueur made to taste like a kringle, a large-form Nordic pastry associated with Racine, Wis.

Both are proudly provincial and, frankly, a tad down-market.

Down-market? Why, because they’re used in cocktails such as the Root Beer Butterfest Float and the Lake Delton Mule? Those are high-end drinks, people. My 106-year-old great-aunt Aggie would think them quite the classy beverages. Anyway, read the whole thing here.

(Pic: Alice in Dairyland and a piece of the world’s largest cheese, part of Wisconsin’s exhibit at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Wisconsin Historical Society Image ID #24959)