Wisconsin’s Summer Beer Festivals: A Handy List


From the desk of the OverServed Style, Beauty, and Entertainment Editor…

Beer festivals. The summer’s bread and butter.

Thanks go out to the Appleton-Post Crescent for compiling a list of Wisconsin’s summer beer festivals! While the Post-Crescent might have trouble understanding how the seasons work (November? Really?) and I’m sure they’re leaving a few fests off since people will use any excuse to drink outdoors in the summertime (seriously—come to Chicago where there are 20 fests every weekend), it’s a good start to planning your summer vacations around what really matters.

If you want to travel outside of Wisconsin, Tasting Table recommends the following:

And, for good measure, be sure to check out Tour De Fat if you can. Just do yourself a favor and don’t black out in 90 degree heat on Ranger. Trust me on this. (June-October in Durham, Chicago; Minneapolis, Boise, Ft. Collins, Denver, San Fran, San Diego, Tempe)