Worthington’s White Sheild IPA – Now that’s some old beer!

I was intrigued by the label in the store which read, “World’s oldest IPA”. I’m not sure if that is a fact but, I did find out that the IPA has been brewed for 183 years, and the brewery is one of the most successful on the planet!

So I gave it a try.

At a respectable 5.6 abv., it’s taste reminds me of the days I lived in London, it’s either that, or the fact that after reading that the Worthington Brewery was started in the midlands of England I immediately tasted the U.K.. No matter, it is still a delicious IPA and if you get your hands on a bottle, buy one for you and a mate, throw on some Downton Abbey, and wax about monarchies, and class and shit. If you are a Madison, WI local, you can find it at Trixie’s Liquor store, YUM!